Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lets pretend I never left. :)

Life in Canada has been an adjustment, but soon we will be giving my in-laws back their space and moving into our own. I believe we are both excited about this change. I'm sure they are thinking a year and a half is long enough! We originally thought it would only be a couple months, but things always take way longer then expected.
I know I have not posted on here our, now 8 month old, new little boy JD. So I'll be tacking on some random pics from my phone from the past year or so for you all to enjoy.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Jake's been busy driving... from Washington to Utah, then Canada, and hopefully back to Washington... and hopefully soon. WE MISS HIM!
ShayLynne has been asking for the past three-four days to go home, and the truth is... I don't really know where home is. I know she is referring to Olympia, because that is where her bed is, but where are we going to be living by the end of November? I know the Lord has a plan, and we need to seek for the answers... and that is why Jake has been doing sooo... much driving. I can't wait for this time of tribulation to be over, but also trying to keep in mind to be so very grateful for all that we are blessed with. Sooo... blessed.
I have been contemplating a lot of the Lord's guidance in molding me into who I am today, and I know there is still A LOT to improve, but I'm happy. Happy with my children, happy with my husband, happy with our health (even though I need to step it up on exercising a bit more. I know... I've been slacking.), and we always need to improve more spiritually, but we have goals... and we have been working on them... and that definitely makes me happy.

The girls have been having fun. I have pictures of a couple of pumpkin patches that we have visited... we were even able to buy a box of apples to press our own apple cider, delicious!

The girls loved the huge slide. Even Eli was having fun. We went to a Berry Patch in Grandview and they had a wonderful hay pyramid, fire pits to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, hay rides, kiddie maze, petting zoo, and more.

Grandma B got three new little goats that the girls enjoyed bottle feeding. Even ShayLynne got brave... She is afraid of all animals, but we are hoping to change that.

We were able to stay in our house in Zillah for probably the last time. The girls enjoyed playing in their corner hiding place.

For Halloween Jena was a Southern Belle, ShayLynne was Strawberry Shortcake, and Kayla was a monkey. They had tons of fun trunker treating, and tricker treating the day of Halloween.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Painful Decisions

My girls would love to live in these swings.
The girls dancing on a laundry basket... that takes talent. ;)

Well, we have a lot of options... really, countless. Since Jake has been let go of the WSP we feel like the possibilities are limitless on what to do and if we should pull up roots and leave my beloved Washington State. I don't think we have really made any head way about it. Really, we feel clueless on direction. We don't really want to move anything until things get in place... but when will that happen? There are some law enforcement tests that Jake is planning on taking around here and in Utah... possibly Canada. School? for what? teaching? trade school? Self employment options?... it really would be nice, but we don't like risky... we like safe, sure, smooth moves... it is part of our character (type 2, our family would understand), but should we jump? because we can learn to adjust. Change happens, we keep trying to seek the Lord's counsel, but no known answers yet.

I guess only time will tell.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Twist in Life

Well, things have definitely gone... not as planned. I cancelled my popcorn making and shooting outing.
Jake has never been out of work before. He has always gone from one job to another, something he was always able to plan. He is an extra hard worker... or at least gives his best, and yesterday was let go without a reason of any kind to why. They made him resign, and of course in Washington State they can let go of anyone without a cause. He had accomplished and did his best with everything they had required, passing every test and quiz. I can tell he is so bugged by the fact that he doesn't know what went wrong and why they didn't do anything to work with him on improvement. I know that it was so hard for him to be there without being able to see us or come home... and I'm hoping it didn't affect his performance.
The only reason behind it is that the Lord doesn't want him to work as a Trooper for the Washington State Patrol, and that is fine. The Washington State Patrol will be missing out on a HUGE asset.
My husband is so straight and narrow, honest, brilliant, humble, can be spontaneous, has self control, teachable, very reliable, so very generous, confident, always willing to give service, and tells me everything.

My hard workin' man

Girls playing.

the Puyallup Fair with Olivia

Love to play with Aleya

Lovin' to swing baby Eli, he is in there... promise. Poor little guy.

Blake and I showing of our new found skills of making a bow and drill. Kayla perfecting it.

Fire is no laughing matter. Look at that serious face.

This is when Grace came to visit us for a few days. We had so much fun with her. Later we were able to have Grace and Liam visit, but I stayed too busy for pics.

Just look at that face.